Karma & Cents

A Social Impact Lab moving individuals, families and family enterprises from Traditional Philanthropy to Philanthropy 3.0

At Karma & Cents we support family foundations and family enterprises in attaining their philanthropy and legacy objectives.

We do this in four distinct, yet complementary ways:


Direct management and facilitation support of family foundation design, implementation, evaluation and ongoing support.


Succession planning and transition management support for family-owned businesses.


Workshops, seminars, videos and whitepapers provides tools and resources for donors and their advisors.

Social Impact Lab

Rapid prototyping solutions geared toward generating social and financial impact for communities, the foundations, the business and the individuals within the organization and/or family.

A Fresh Look at Philanthropy

Since the early 1600’s North American’s have been “doing philanthropy” the same way and yet we still haven’t solved some of these complex problems.

At Karma & Cents™ we believe that family and corporate dollars can be put to better use by financing solutions instead of funding problems.  It is our approach that goes to the heart of the issue – our clients want to actually see, feel and know that what they are doing in the world is going to make a difference.

About Karma & Cents

A short video about our services for families, individuals and NextGeneration philanthropists.

Starting the Legacy Conversation

What will your community look like when you are gone? What influence can you have today in shaping that vision? How will others help carry your philanthropic intentions forward? The first place to start is in conversation. Download our Legacy Interview Questions to begin your planning process.

Are you ready to take the
next step to Philanthropy 3.0?

Who we are

Karma & Cents™ supports family foundations and family enterprises in attaining their social and legacy objectives by assisting them with Facilitation, Planning, Documentation and the one of a kind Karma & Cents Social Impact Lab

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