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There will always be room for traditional philanthropy – writing cheques and attending galas.  In today’s social finance world, private foundations have the ability to do much more.  Enterprising families want to do much more.  Organizations, whether they be charities or social businesses, want to know that they have pushed the needle on the complex challenges they are addressing.  Bringing these desires and entities together in a Social Impact Lab setting is what we do best.

Working with individuals, families or non-profits who are seeking to prototype a solution to a complex problem, our core group of associates will design a minimum viable product (MVP) solution for you to take to the next level.  Examples of this could be a new program, product or service that would otherwise be too costly to design in-house and that at its core has a social component.

Where has this approach been applied:

  • Designing Giving Portfolios for Family Foundations
  • Designing a service offering for a unique donor base of a community foundation
  • Launching a new non-profit organization
  • Creating a granting multi-stakeholder funding evaluation and disbursement process

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Karma & Cents™ supports family foundations and family enterprises in attaining their social and legacy objectives by assisting them with Facilitation, Planning, Documentation and the one of a kind Karma & Cents Social Impact Lab

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