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Helping you build your Family Enterprise for the future

Enterprising families are at the heart of who we work with, in large part, because our roots are from those very same families – business owners and leaders who have shaped our society.

These individuals and their families face unique challenges and questions about succession planning, transition management, inter-generational communication, process management and legacy planning.

Karma & Cents works with family enterprises to develop strategies in a variety of areas to ensure the legacy carries on. 

We work with your family enterprise to help you develop strategies for growth, transition and knowledge transfer, skill acquisition, succession planning and legacy planning.


Our Approach

For over five decades of combined management consulting experience in a variety of industries, we approach our work from a point of inquiry and curiosity. We understand that you and your f`amily are not operating in a vacuum and that the system in which you operate is in constant flux.

The three circle model is a reflection of this system. This model of the Family Business System was developed at Harvard Business School by Renato Tagiuri and John Davis in the late 70’s and published in the Family Business Review in 1982.  It has become the cornerstone of family enterprise advising practises.

Family Enterprises are not just about the Family or the Business, they are about all of these coming together in a unified way.  Your legacy or philanthropy plan may start in the family domain, but may have ripple effects on the business and ownership domains.  We are conscious about this and as such make a point of seeking out, or bringing together, and working within a multi-disciplinary teams to support our your goals and objectives. Whether we are quarter-backing the project as the Trusted Advisor, or joining a team, quality, timeliness and collaboration are our cornerstones.

As part of the advisory team, we support families as they design their succession plan, implement the transition process and articulate their legacy.  We also support families by providing the tools and resources to facilitate the inter-generational dialogue.

Graduates of the FEA program and 21/64 training as well as 21 Toys Empathy training, we bring different skillsets to the team of advisors supporting families.


Broad experience and deep understanding

Collectively, we’ve worked in a variety of industries that give us great cross-industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the in’s and out’s of running a successful business including:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
    (multi-family and single family offices)
  • Environment and Renewable Energy
  • Retail Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Construction/Renovation

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