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The Right to Eat Right: A Client’s Journey in Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing

Hosted By Forthlane Partners

Thursday, March 3rd 4:00-6:00pm EST

In-person session at Forthlane’s office: 145 Adelaide St. W, Toronto, ON

Blue and white Forthlane Partners invitation for Venture Philanthropy event

Join fellow philanthropists, impact investors and those curious to learn more about how venture philanthropy can re-shape complex problems in a community. Zai Mamdani, the funder behind the YYC Food Security Fund will share her personal journey as she uncovered the complexities of our food system and the role that both traditional philanthropy and investments can play in solving some of the complex problems in the food chain.

This event is FREE thanks to our generous hosts, Forthlane Partners.

Light refreshments will be served.

COVID protocols will be followed.

To read more about this project please download the Executive Summary, or visit our Whitepapers section on this website for the full report.

Philanthropy 101 – Seven-Part Course for Family Foundations and Individual Philanthropists

Next cohort starts June 2022

This seven-part series explores topics that every family foundation struggles with, from governance and inter-generational dialogues to charity assessment and evaluation. We have designed this series to allow for cross-pollination of ideas from participating families in an effort to foster community and leverage the collective wisdom and resources of the group.
This course is for individuals and families looking to set up a foundation, existing foundations that are on-boarding new leadership (family or non-family), or those that are re-examining their purpose and mandate. We will be bringing forward case studies that will be most pertinent to those in the cohort so each course will be unique to those who are attending.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A clearer understanding of where and how best to gain more bang for your
    “social buck”
  • Understand the funder table dynamics. Identify your foundation’s blind-spots
    and how to manage them
  • How to affect the change you want to see beyond your cheque-book
  • A clearer understanding of the issues facing the different regions in Canada
  • Develop skills and tools for on-boarding the Next Generation and strengthen
    your legacy
  • How to identify pitfalls and avoid blind spots
  • Gain skills in the area of grantee evaluations and funding opportunity


$1900 + GST/person

Family Foundation Discounted Rate (up to 3 members):

$1400 + GST/person

Join us for this very unique seven-part course on the Foundations of Family Philanthropy.

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