Philanthropy Planning &
Foundation Management

With an appreciation for the intricacies of family dynamics and understanding of how family, business and enterprise intersect, we work with your advisors to provide insightful, intelligent advice around managing your social capital and planning out your legacy.

Foundation Management

Setting up a foundation is an exciting time in a family’s legacy evolution. There are number of reasons why you might choose to go down this path. We work with your legal and financial team to help you establish, organize and manage this entity.

Our Process

Discovery → Creation → Implementation → Evaluation & Sustainability

We work with the individual family members to articulate the values, vision and mission that will guide your decision making process and ultimately the way you implement your giving strategy and activate your social capital.

Once you have articulated your vision we build out the business plan for your foundation which may include site visits, your giving calendar, supporting documents and working with your legal and financial advisors to ensure the right vehicle is being used to achieve the social business objectives of the foundation.

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