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The Missing Link

There are three critical things that the K&C founders identified as missing from the family advising landscape:


A consistent model for legacy, succession and transition planning that looks at technical solutions alongside the family, community and business systems


Easily accessible resources for technical advisors in the area of social finance, impact investing, strategic philanthropy and inter-generational wealth transfer management


An integrated solution that allows for entrepreneurial families to take this mindset to their social objectives

Experience and Reputation

Members of the K&C team have a North American reputation for a personal approach to legacy and succession planning and philanthropy management.

For over two decades, we have perfected the philanthropic advising model and have developed tools and resources for advisors that have been integrated in academic settings, business settings and within family systems.

With a unique appreciation of the intricacies of wealth and Next Generation (NextGen) transition management, we understand both the subtlety and the complexity of the lives lead by our clients.

Are you ready to take the
next step to Philanthropy 3.0?

Who we are

Karma & Cents™ supports family foundations and family enterprises in attaining their social and legacy objectives by assisting them with Facilitation, Planning, Documentation and the one of a kind Karma & Cents Social Impact Lab

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