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How does a Social Impact Lab work within a family enterprise or small business? A short document highlighting how we work within a multi-disciplinary team integrating lab exploration techniques.

Briefing to the House of Commons: Government Spending, WE Charity & the Canada Student Service Grant

There are three critical issues that the WE Charity scandal lays bare. This document outlines those three areas and provides 10 recommendations for the Canadian government to consider as it investigates the WE Charity/Federal Government program funding.

Planning your Legacy –Questions for Family Members

Wondering where to start with your personal or family legacy planning? These questions will get you on a path of discovery.

Beyond Giving & Volunteering – How and why individuals are exploring new ways to advance social good 

Published in 2013, this report was commissioned by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). Written by 27 Shift, Gena Rotstein, along with a number of experts in the philanthropy field, provided commentary and additional resources.

6 Steps to Create Greater Impact with your Philanthropy… And it’s not about giving more

This six-step Guide to Giving walks donors through the in’s and out’s of setting up a strategic philanthropy plan and values-based legacy planning.

What is the Right Giving Vehicle for Me?

This comparison charity outlines the different types of charitable accounts you can have to manage your philanthropic assets. 

Note: Information presented is for the Canadian philanthropic marketplace..


Social Impact Lab – Financing Solutions Instead of Funding Problems

In April 2018 we ran a Social Impact Lab for 9 family foundations/ offices in Calgary. This half-day workshop provided a framework for exploring how best to fund innovation and high-risk solutions. 

Recipient Case Study – Lowdown Tracks Documentary

Working with a family foundation, a film production company and a national non-profit a documentary about Canada’s homeless population was released in 2017.

Integrating Social Purpose in Your Business

What does it take to integrate Social Purpose within your already exisiting business model? How can an establish company set themsleves up to become a BCorp? This whitepaper walks you through our process.

Recipient Case Study – Invisible Heart

Working with a group of family foundations, the Place2Give Foundation a film production company and a national non-profit a documentary about Social Impact Bonds was released in 2018.


BCorp 101 – Integrating Social Purpose into SMEs and Family Businesses

What is the value of a BCorp for a family business? This whitepaper shares some info on what Social Purpose Businesses are and how BCorps benefit SMEs and Family Businesses

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