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CBC – Radio Canada: Les organismes de charité à l’ère de la transparence

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Les organismes de charité redoublent d’ardeur à la fin de l’année pour récolter le plus de dons possible. Cette compétition est d’autant plus féroce que les dons des Canadiens n’augmentent pas au même rythme que la population ces dernières années, selon le groupe CanaDon. Et cette surenchère peut décourager des donateurs constamment sollicités, qui voudraient parfois donner autrement

 Click here to watch video – Dec. 28, 2018


Give for Generations – Philanthropy 3.0 video series

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In this first videoGena discusses some key concepts in working with socially responsible, entrepreneurial families.

The second video explores issues and opportunities facing the Rising Generation and how they are influencing the philanthropic sector.

In the third video we explore the topic of Family Conversations and creating a living legacy.


Donor Fatigue is Real! #GivingTuesday and Strategic Philanthropy

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 Click here to watch video – November 25, 2018


Corporate Philanthropy – Measuring the Impact of Contributions

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Read the Article in Business in Calgary Here.

Press Release:

4th Annual – Capital for Cause

Impact Investing Summit


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Press Release:

National Music Centre announces Crossroads series, a cross-cultural exploration of music in Canada


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Press Release:

This #GivingTuesday Shift the Conversation from Asking to Engaging

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Moolala – Does GenZ have the same Philanthropic Sense as their Parents?

Image of Bruce SelleryBruce Sellery – author of Moolala 


Philanthropy 3.0 at TEDxCalgary


BrainTrust Philanthropy

Listen to the podcast here.

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