A Top 7 Over 70 Award Interview

In November 2021, seven individuals from Calgary and Area were recognized as this year’s Top 7 Over 70. This award recognizes the efforts and contributions of some of our oldest members of our community that they achieved AFTER turning 70. “These achievements may be based or built on previous work or commitments, but they should have a ‘current’ flavour or different twist, or perhaps be occurring in a completely new arena.”

One of these winners is Mr. Murray McCann. We had the privledge of chatting with Mr. McCann about some of his philanthropic accomplishments and one in particular that he is most proud of, the Field of Crosses. Below is the interview.

K&C: What does being Top 7 Over 70 mean to you?

MM: It is an honour that I very much appreciate, being over 70 I feel fortunate to have health and love for what I am doing, happy to be able to continue what I have been doing. 

K&C: How do you approach your charitable giving?

MM: Philanthropy has been important throughout my career, it has always been important to me. It feels good to have more than you need so that you can donate and give to those who need it. Philanthropy to me is finding a need and correcting it if you can. When I was younger it felt good to acquire companies and now it feels good to invest in people doing great things.

K&C: What community initiatives are you involved in?

MM: I started the Field of Crosses here in Calgary after seeing it in Georgia to honour those that gave up their lives for us. After a while I learned that many soldiers who are not killed in action suffer the consequences of war upon returning home. Many suffer from mental health issues. Knowing this I created Homes for Heroes to help veterans readjust to life in Canada.

K&C: How have you engaged your family in philanthropy and community activities?

MM: My parents were very philanthropic so I came by it naturally. It is in our DNA to help others, and when we do we do it quietly. This is a value I share with my children and grandchildren.

Photo Credit: Winner Murray McCann was photographed at Heritage Park in Calgary on Wednesday, November 3, 2021. Gavin Young/Postmedia