Cradle to grave poverty is on the rise. It is estimated that 8-10% of North Americans live in chronic poverty (more than one-generation at or below the poverty line). Federal and regional poverty reduction strategies have not reduced this number, but have maintained it at a steady state for over a decade.
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Inter-generational poverty is largely due to the combination of complex issues including ineffective government policies, immigration, lack of financial literacy education, migration patterns of individuals seeking employment region by region (in-migration following industry booms and out-migration following busts), and lack of affordable housing.
It’s the perfect storm.
Working with the Pink House Foundation we are developing a giving portfolio that looks at how poverty can be addressed at multiple levels from cradle to grave in a given community. Some of the research to back the funding decisions is being provided by the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary.
The “WHY” behind the Pink House is simple, to quote the founder, “I need to be able to look my employees in the eye and know that I am paying them a living wage.” Every organization supported by Pink House addresses systemic poverty from ensuring that kids have access to quality education; single parents are provided tools around financial literacy and planning; individuals and families have access to affordable, healthy food and a decent place to call home.
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