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North Americans are at a financial crossroads where women will be in control of almost 70% of the GDP by 2050 and an expected 85% of Next Generation/Rising Generation are choosing to leave their parent’s wealth advisors in this same period. According to research from TD Private Banking and Boston College this amounts to over $40Trillion in wealth transfers between generations and people and through money management firms.

We bring a unique perspective to working with these two demographics – taking an approach that focuses on building relationships, strengthening networks and providing hands-on guidance and learning for clients.

We put our own resources (Time, Talent, Treasures & Ties) into this service, in our volunteer world as part of the WINK and SheEO networks; as mentors to students at Mount Royal University and University of Calgary; as community contributors to the technology and innovation ecosystem through organizations like Beakerhead and Rainforest Alberta; and as philanthropists through our Donor Advised Fund – Place2Give.



By the year 2050, women will control almost 70% of the GPD

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