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Ways to support Ukrainians beyond the large global aid organizations

Ways to support Ukrainians beyond the large global aid organizations

As the West unites around Ukraine, individuals are asking what they can do? This post outlines some of the ways you support the Ukrainian outside of direct aid.

First off, the base rule is make sure you vet the project or organization before making the contribution. One simple way is to look at the CRA website to ensure they are listed. If you are in the US, Charity Navigator or Guide Star are two reliable sources to review organizations.

We know that there is always the Red Cross, but what if you want to do something more directed for the Ukraine crisis?

Here are some options for North American donors:

  1. Support investigative journalism. There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation about what is going on in the war. Around the world journalists and media outlets are coming together to support Ukrainian journalists. One fundraiser supporting journalists is through European Media Outlets (Note – these are not tax deductible donations for North Americans) – https://www.thelocal.at/20220228/how-you-can-help-ukrainian-media/

The Media Development Fund is an organization that is a fund that is supporting the infrastructure in the Ukraine. For more information: https://www.mdif.org/

According to the Fix, what Ukrainian journalists need most are:

  • Security equipment (first-aid kits, helmets, body armors etc)
  • Support in moving part of their operations abroad to continue working
  • Logistical support – to move around or in-and-out of the country
  • Operational funds for ongoing work
  1. Direct aid via third party organizations. Agencies like the Ukrainian-Canadian Foundation and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress have put together a fund to buy food, medicine and other supplies. 
  1. Support Refugees. Displaced People are now in the millions. According to the latest numbers published by the UN and reported by the BBC, there are now 6.1 million people who have crossed into neighbouring countries and an estimated 7.7 million have been displaced within the country. The UNHCR is leading the charge in refugee support. (Editorial Note: Place2Give Foundation Donors have identified UNICEF’s BLUE DOT program as a charity of choice for refugee support).
  1. Think Tanks dive into the conflict. Chatham House is an independent policy institute and a trusted forum for debate and dialogue. It conducts research and explores ideas to help people understand our changing world. Most recently they have held sessions on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and how this war is reshaping the Eurozone. 

Consider supporting foreign affairs research done by the MacDonald-Laurier Institute. Currently they are reviewing the Canadian response to the war and critiques on foreign policy

Of course, the Karma & Cents and Place2Give Foundation teams are here if you’d like to explore more ways to support those affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine. To make a financial contribution to the P2G Ukraine fund visit: https://place2give.com/donations/ukrainefund/

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