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Philanthropy 3.0 – Social Impact Lab Supporting Docs

Philanthropy 3.0: Financing Solutions Instead of Funding Problems – A Social Impact Lab

Welcome CAGP delegate! Thank you for joining us in our session. Below you will find supporting documents, additional resources and the worksheets we shared during the session. Please feel free to download them to use within your organization. We welcome feedback on our tools and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask –

Donor Logic Model

This flowchart outlines a decision-making process that donors go through during the Philanthropy 3.0 Social Impact Lab when evaluating charities and strategic partners.

Feedback Loop

What does success look like? Did your solution meet the original objective? The Feedback Loop worksheet poses questions to help you evaluate the effectiveness of the solution you designed.

Time, Talent Treasures & Ties Worksheet

Donors are more than just their pocketbooks. This worksheet helps you identify all the different types of assets you bring to the philanthropic conversation.

Social Visioning Assessment Questions

There are six points of information that donors and their advisors seek when setting up their giving strategy and legacy plan.

Leveraging Assets to Drive Social Change

This worksheet helps you map out the different ways that your philanthropy can be leveraged to amplify the social change you are trying to create.

Benchmarking and Evaluating Charities

Financing solutions instead of funding problems means that we don’t only look at arbitrary ratios of overhead and fundraising costs. Rather, we look at what it costs to not solve the problem and how the solution fits against the six evaluative benchmarks. 

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